Spare Parts

Our bikes and trikes come supplied with all parts and tools you will require. We also sell spares should you need them. If you are unsure what you require please feel free to email us with photos. 

Instructions for your model can be viewed here:

Balance Bikes

Current Mini 2 in 1 Coloured Styles (Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Red).

Current Mini 2 in 1 Printed Styles (Cars, Flowers, Monkey, Unicorn).

Old pre-16/03/18 Mini 2 in 1 Smooth Tyre Styles (Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Red).

Please note on 16/03/18 we updated the design of our mini 2 in 1 bike trike. The easiest way to identify which you have is to look at the tyres; the old style has smooth tyres and the new (current) style has patterned tyres. The fixings and conversion kits also changed so please ensure you purchase the correct fixings to suit the version you have.